B.D. Thomas is a newly established writer, blogger and author residing in Southern New Jersey, USA.

B.D. Thomas
Writer, Blogger,

His (non-writing) work background is extensive, with focus in retail sales and operations, customer service/support, and healthcare administration. He is always exploring new and interesting things, and craves informational input at a base level.

Hobbies include gardening, cooking, reading (especially the works of J.R.R. Tokien), writing (whatever strikes his fancy at the moment) and absorbing every bit of knowledge and information that comes his way.

This site was established to document the journey of B.D. Thomas from menial worker to a hopefully successful future career in writing.  So settle in, make yourself comfortable, take the time to get to know your resident author, and perhaps examine some of his thoughts and writings. The longer you stick around, the more you get to watch this experiment unfold.